sweet white wine

COLOUR: Brilliant straw yellow.

AROMA: Intense, delicate and complex, with a predominance of citrus fruits, notes of bitter orange marmalade and a slight hint of fennel.

MOUTH: Complex and fresh. It is big and flavourful on the palate with citrus and creamy notes which, combined with its acidity, maintain the liveliness of this wine. Its aftertaste is very long, leaving a very pleasant fruity sensation.

FOOD MATCHING: A perfect match for pâtés and desserts.



“Made from a careful selection of grapes of the Muscat variety.”

The grapes are harvested once they are extremely ripe and have a high sugar content. They are then de-stalked and crushed. Following a short maceration period, the grape must is cold racked for 48 hours.

Once the alcohol content is sufficient and it is balanced with the residual sugars, then the fermentation process is stopped through cooling and filtering. Finally the wine is stabilised and bottled.


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