a tribute to our best grapes

COLOUR: An attractive ruby-red wine.

AROMA: Intense aromas of ripe fruit, red fruit and stewed fruit blending perfectly with the typical spicy and toasty notes from ageing.

MOUTH: Very tasty and expressive in the mouth. A sweet entry gives way to a long, fruity wine with good acidity, which balances it, providing a pleasing freshness. Intense aftertaste.

FOOD MATCHING: Charbroiled meats, red meat casseroles, aged cheeses and charcuterie. It pairs particulary well with cocoa rich chocolate.


CRIANZA: 9 months in oak barrels.


“A painstaking selection in vineyards located in four clearly differentiated areas, in Navarra’s central strip, gave rise to CUATRO TIERRAS, a Crianza that has been distinguished with prestigious international awards.”

Olite, Cadreita, Villafranca and Beire. Four towns divided between the districts of Olite and Tudela, with soils and microclimates that provide a diversity of nuances to the grapes and, of course, to the wines made with them. In addition, an assortment of landscapes of exquisite beauty, separated by short distances, together with the local flora and fauna, confer a unique personality to each of these four natural environments that farmers use to optimise their productions.

This is the origin of one of our star wines, ”Cuatro Tierras”, a wine with character, yet elegant, made from a particular selection of our best grapes of four different varieties: Merlot, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Garnacha.


A very special wine that reflects the essence of the Piedemonte vineyards, which proudly represents the great work done by farmers in caring for their vineyards.

The grapes are fermented and macerated separately in stainless steel vats.The fermentation is made at a controlled temperature of between 28 to 30 ºC and with a maceration of around 15 days, depending on the grape variety and condition.

Once the alcoholic and malolactic fermentation has been completed, the wine is matured in 225 litre oak barrels for 9 months.

The different wines are then blended to obtain a perfect coupage of the three varieties. The subsequent bottle ageing creates a wine with the desired elegance and fullness for our Crianza wines.

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