“I draw, paint, mould and shape a person’s most basic feelings: love, joy, the pleasure of feeling, serenity, happiness; all of them connected with nature and the marvellous colours it projects.”

Bodegas Piedemonte exhibition gallery hosts the work of the artist María José Jurado. A collection of collages created from a feminine viewpoint in an introspective journey into the emotions.
‘La senda de las hadas’ (The Fairy Trail) is the new exhibition that you can visit in the winery gallery from 3 October until the 3 January 2023. With a selection of 15 works, the artist María José dresses the gallery with sensitivity. Her canvases are made of fabrics, beads, trunks, shells, stones, wool, paper, recycled objects and a bit of paint, expressing fertile nature in a feminine way, full of colour, fragile yet strong, full of life and creation.
Her paintings transport us to the delicate subtlety of women and show them as the root and main axis of the origin of life. Water, earth, air and fire are present in her work, accompanying that unfading femininity in an amalgam enveloped in total balance.
The Fairy Trail is an account of the artist’s personal experiences, her way of seeing life, sensitivity, love and peace of soul. It combines an explosion of bright colours, full of strength, with the serenity and equanimity of white, in order to achieve the basic balance with which to enjoy the pleasure of being happy.

Exhibition details:
Place: Bodegas Piedemonte, Rúa Romana s/n, Olite (Navarre)
Dates: October 03, 2022 – January 03, 2023
Exhibition hours: Monday to Friday from 7 to 15
Free entrance

For more information:
Phone: 948 71 24 06

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